For most, buying or selling your home is the biggest financial move you will make in your life. It may seem easy to do: driving around neighbourhoods looking for signs of an upcoming sale, browsing listings online, or staking a sign out front and waiting for the offers to roll in. You probably think a real estate agent’s job is effortless. In fact, I discussed this in my post Top 3 Reasons People Hate Real Estate Agents.

However, here are a few things that you may not know real estate agents do, and more importantly, why having an experienced advocate in your corner is essential when buying or selling your home.

We do this every day.

Let’s face it, a YouTube tutorial may help with a dripping faucet, but do you trust yourself to fix your toilet? The same goes for buying or selling your house. The sheer number of times that real estate agents have been through the process; handled the vast amount of documentation, reviewed contracts, and designed conditions and contingencies aimed to protect you – will do just that.

Is this the occasion when you want to learn from your mistakes? A resounding “no” should have escaped your lips. You want this process to be as smooth, quick, and painless as possible.

We are trained negotiators.

From builder’s agents who may try to steamroll you, to Lookie-loos who purport to be buyers, your real estate agent is equipped to handle them. We will create a customized negotiation strategy and are well equipped for competition, bidding wars, counter-offers, and cutthroat maneuvers. Would you sit with the World Series of Poker champions your first time playing poker? Probably not.

We come with a team of experts.

When you’re in it by yourself, who do you turn to? With an experienced real estate agent, you get the benefit of our experience with vendors: stagers, movers, lawyers, home inspectors, mortgage brokers, insurers, surveyors, general contractors, architects, designers, appraisers, the sub-trades, etc. We have the inside track on their reputations and can give you references you can trust.

Here are some other reasons to love your real estate agent:

  • We know the real estate market, its nuances, where it’s been, and where it is most likely going.
  • We have access to all the listings, not just the ones on the internet.
  • We have intimate knowledge about our neighborhoods.
  • We will guide you on pricing based on market supply and demand – we know the true value of your home and what it should sell for.
  • We have proven selling techniques, marketing materials, professional virtual tours, and employ great photographers, videographers and staging/interior designers.

Most importantly, not only do we have a fiduciary duty to act in your best interests, but doing so is in ours – referrals and repeat business is our bread and butter.

If you want a skilled negotiator, a bidding war veteran, an experienced advisor (occasionally, a therapist) and someone who can navigate tough situations with a level head, give me a call at 647-898-4663, or send me an email at

  1. Listing a house isn t just taking the information and pictures and posting it on the MLS, then sitting back and waiting for offers to roll in. Becoming a real estate agent involves learning about marketing.

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