Questions When Selling a House in Toronto in 2018 | Alex Beauregard


1. Is 2019 is a good time to sell my house?

High demand and low supply!  The current Real Estate climate in Toronto is described as a more balanced market.  Interestingly, the number of qualified buyers still exceeds the number of homes available for sale.  Also, Spring is traditionally the best time to sell your home because the market is strongest and prices are highest. If this criteria aligns with your goals, then NOW is a good time to sell.

2. How will we determine the List Price?

Our first step will be to review up to the minute statistics and gauge buyer behaviour in your neighbourhood. We will take a detailed look at what comparable properties have sold for, what similar properties available for sale are listed for, what distinctive features your home may have, and it’s overall condition.  And most importantly, what will attract the biggest amount of interest. Drawing on experience and expertise, I will provide you with an educated range that will best represent your home’s value to accurately determine list price.

3. Do I need to stage my home?

Short answer is YES!  Our goal in selling your home in 2019 is to get top dollar!  There are ways to influence buyers’ perception of your home’s worth.  Standing out among hundreds of listed homes in the city means you need to make a memorable impact during your showings! Any and all improvements to optimize it’s appearance and leave a positive first impression will pay off. A little TLC via cleaning, de-cluttering, small repairs and staging will bring your home to its full potential, add value and bring top dollar.

4. Should I get a home inspection done?

Doing so may give you the opportunity to repair any problems that might cause a potential buyer to walk away, and also identify any issues that you are legally responsible to disclose. Our goal is to attract as many offers as possible to receive the highest sale price. Investing in an inspection will provide buyers with a sense of comfort that you have not overlooked anything.

5. What costs are associated with selling my home?

Costs associated with selling your home include Realtor commissions, lawyer fees, any penalties to break your existing mortgage and any additional professional fees used to sell your home (painters /renovators, photography, stagers, home inspectors, etc. – all complimentary when you list with me!!)


Naturally there are more details to discuss when selling your home (such as marketing, communication, visiting schedules, offer date, negotiating skills, etc.) but rest assured an experienced realtor will manage all of this effectively.

Listing your home with me ensures you will have an expert, qualified, responsive Representative by your side throughout the selling process that will provide a level of service and yield results over and above your expectations.  

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