If you are having a hard time finding the RIGHT time to sell your house, here are 4 reasons why NOW is a good time:

1) Spring 2015 was late to arrive so the hot and hectic Toronto Real Estate market will likely creep into the usually quiet summer months

2) The current lack of inventory/listings and abundance of buyers means more competition = SELLER’S MARKET

3)  TREB (Toronto Real Estate Board)  shows April 2015 home sales were the craziest on record with a 17% increase over the number of sales in April 2014 (and a 10% increase in price)

4) Bully/pre-emptive offers are so commonplace now that serious prospective buyers are prepared, and ready.
There are no signs of the pace slowing down yet, competition is still intense and buyer fatigue has not yet set in.  If you’re grappling with a decision to make, the best time to sell your house is NOW.

If you would like to discuss strategy and what we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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