We had the pleasure of meeting Alex during one of his open houses 2 summers ago in Little Italy area.  At the time, our first adopted son was one and a half and we had purchased our condo a few months prior. We clearly were not in the market for a new place right away, but interested in seeing what was out there to prepare ourselves for when we were ready to make the purchase.
Very professional, inviting, honest and non-judgmental, Simon and I felt at ease right away.  The fact that he was francophone was also a plus  🙂  We kept in touch via his marketing emails.
Fast-forward to a few months ago, we reached out to him advising that we needed to get a bigger place due to the arrival of my youngest son. We were very specific about the things that we didn’t like, but very open to his suggestions/expertise.
He facilitated the search of our rental house prior to putting our condo on the market.  He was very diligent, hard working, attentive and was always concerned with what was in the best interest of our family.
We were DEFINITELY not disappointed:  Not only did Alex deliver what he had promised, he definitely went above and beyond what was expected.  Simon & I have similar taste, but he knew clearly the things that I might like even if I wasn’t there for the visits. ( Happy wife, happy life 🙂 )  Moreover he was extremely patient with us which was very appreciated.
Alex is definitely our guy when it will be time to purchase our new home and we will recommend him to our friends and family for their needs in Toronto.  You are lucky to have him as part of your team.