“It’s very clear that Alex absolutely loves his job, which makes him so great at it! He is passionate and knowledgeable about the Toronto real estate and committed to excellent client care. From the start, we made sure we were upfront, honest and clear about the home we were searching for, and as we saw different properties Alex was great at listening, asking the right questions so that we could find suitable prospects for us.

He was incredibly present, attentive and constantly engaged.

I’m not entirely sure how he juggled other clients because he was constantly in touch with us! Most importantly, he was clear and upfront about the pros and cons of various properties, and offered some sound advice and know-how about the market, backed up by sound financial facts. In the home stretch (pun intended), he really came to the plate and helped us seal the deal on a wonderful and fitting house for us. If you’re in the market, Alex is your guy.”